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Bjurtech partner up with SeaDrive

Updated: May 26, 2021

Bjurtech AS and SeaDrive AS have signed a partner agreement. We are exited to offer SeaDrive Pod to propell Freepower, that will simplify driving the Freepower boat even more.

From left: Finn Limseth, CEO and founder SeaDrive AS, Martin Bjurmalm CEO & Founder Bjurtech AS and Sture Karlsen chairman and founder SeaDrive AS. SeaDrive electric pod & Freepower Solar Boat.

Easier manoeuvring of Freepower boat

The electric SeaDrive Pod enables precise electric steering thanks to its ability to turn 360 degrees and by that give you full control over the boat when driving on shore or docking.

This partnership is aligned with our vision that Freepower shall be easy to use, easy to maintain and have the lowest carbon footprint for motorised boats in her size.

We are exited to start working with SeaDrive Pod and are looking forward to our future collaboration.

Want to read more about SeaDrive? Visit their website:

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