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Freepower AS receives Investment from Katapult

Yes! We are one of the top 10 global ocean impact tech startups to receive investment from Katapult group this fall.

Out of 2700 candidates who where screened to participate in the accelerator program, we where one of the 10 selected companies with global ocean impact who receives investment from Katapult Ocean..

"This program will mean a lot to us. It will expand our network and make us grow faster. This also gives us an aknowlegment for our idea, by beeing one the 18 selected among 2700 excellent start-ups around the globe"

-Martin Bjurmalm, CEO

From our joint press release: These 10 startups will take part in an accelerator program within the Katapult Ocean vertical, which is investing in and supporting startups with a positive impact on the ocean. Over the next three months, Freepower will strengthen their skills in impact, strategy, management and investor readiness through a combination of video modules and hands-on workshops. Freepower will also benefit from entering a network of international mentors, industry players and investors.

Read more in our joint press release:

Press Release - Freepower and Katapult - okt 2021
Download PDF • 94KB

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