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Say hello to Nicklas and Jørgen, Freepower's new addition to the team

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

We have been so lucky to have Nicklas and Jørgen in the team for the further development of Freepower. Nicklas becomes our first employee and Jørgen joins as a consultant.

Nicklas, Martin og Jørgen ute ved bryggen i Tenvik
Freepower has strenghten their team 🙌. Martin Bjurmalm (center) is looking forward to getting Nicklas Alnström (left) and Jørgen Haug (right) involved in the further development and realization of Freepower.

Nicklas Alnström - CTO Electro

Nicklas Alnström joins the team as technical manager for all electronics in the boat and will be the one who takes responsibility for the data being able to flow smoothly, smartly and seamlessly through the system. Nicklas has experience as a hardware designer for over 20 years, where for the past 8 years he has been with Elvaco, which develops remote meters for collecting measurement data from electric, water and district heating systems.

We have already had the pleasure of working with Nicklas for a while and feel great humility for his knowledge and experience in his field. Gothenburg is his hometown and home with his family, where interest in other technical quirks besides family life occupies much of his free time. Nicklas will therefore work a lot "at a distance" from home, but takes the trip over to Tønsberg look as close. We look forward to working with you Nicklas!

"What made me choose to start at Freepower is partly its technical innovation and the new thinking for a cleaner future, in shipping. To be involved from the beginning in building the system architecture for Freepower's technical solutions is something that will be very fun and interesting. me an exciting and educational journey at Freepower, where I hope to be able to participate and develop towards a better future. " - Nicklas Alnström

Jørgen Haug - Financial and Strategic Advisor

Our other grant is Jørgen Haug. He joins the team as our advisor in financial and business strategy and will help us set the right course and make good choices for the company's future growth, at the same time he will be responsible for keeping in the financial processes related to this.

Jørgen has nine years of experience as an analyst in Carnegie and SpareBank 1 Markets and has for the past two years worked independently with consulting in areas such as management, business development, entrepreneurship, financing and investor relations.

Jørgen made a big impression on us already at the first email with his clear commitment to Freepower and the desire to deliver 100% - and more. That he also lived a stone's throw away with his family was also appealing to Freepower, who wants to use local actors as much as possible. Here was a win-win for both parties!

"I have no doubt that the market for recreational boats is booming. the next few years will undergo a revolutionary green shift. The team behind Freepower has done an impressive job so far and I want to help the company achieve its ambitions to become a leading player in its industry." - Jørgen Haug

Welcome on board Nicklas and Jørgen!🚤♻️☀️
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