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We won the Electric Boat Conference's Entrepreneur Award 2021 🎉

Hurray! Freepower and Martin were named this year's winners of the Electric Boat Conference's Entrepreneur Award! Thank you 💚 We see all the nominees as the real winners, since this award puts the spotlight on what we all work for and are passionate about; A sustainable boating life.

Picture above: A happy Martin after receiving the award from the Nowegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Sveinung Rotevatn.

5 nominated

In addition to Freepower, Bjurtech v/Martin Bjurmalm were the other nominees for the award: Evoy AS v/Leif Stavøstrand, Kruser AS v/Christer Ervik, Lift Ocean AS v/Petter Mjørland Pedersen, SeaDrive AS v/Finn Limseth.

We think that all the nominees are the real winners, because this award puts the spotlight on what we all work for and are passionate about; A sustainable boating life.

That said, this award means a lot to us at Freepower. It means that we have thought right, and done right. But it means even more for our future generations.

Video above: Jury leader Steinar Bustad (Asker Næringsforening) and Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn are about to reveal the winner of the Electric Boat Conference's Entrepreneur Award 2021. (Video by: Asker Næringsforening)

What is the Electric Boat Conference's Entrepreneur Award 2021?

The prize is awarded to an entrepreneur who works with new innovative solutions for the electric boat industry. In addition to honor and glory, the winner receives a symbolic sum of NOK 25,000, - sponsored by BKK. The Committee has looked in particular at the following:

The committee was looking for an entrepreneur who:

  • develops services or products to promote tomorrow's technical solutions in the electric boat industry.

  • high degree of innovation

  • solution that shows strong needs in the market

Criteria for nominating:

  • Innovative product in electric boat technology that will be viable and sustainable in the future.

  • The product for the future of electric boat life

The jury consisted of Steinar Bustad, Asker Næringsforening (leader). Jan Moberg, Teknisk Ukeblad. Birgit Liodden, Elbåtforeningen. Axel Nissen-Lie, Seilmagasinet og Båtmagasinet. Fredrik Brodtkorb, Akershus Næringshage. Sigbjørn Larsen, Skipsrevyen.

Many thanks to those around us!

Many thanks to all of you who have believed in us from the beginning, who have been our sparring partners and cheering from the sidelines. Thanks to our partners, friends and family. To our children, Victor and Felix who are with us in everything, who ask about everything and tell on with pride in their voices about Freepower. Thank you to all entrepreneurs in Scandinavia who also work hard every day to make boating more sustainable and create magical nature experiences. It is incredibly inspiring to be allowed to join this travel party with you. Thanks to the municipal business community and the entrepreneurial community in Færder & Tønsberg municipality and Innovation Norway who open doors and help us along the way. And thank you to you politicians who speak our case, who are fighting to reach our common goal of 1.5 degrees by 2030.


The reasoning of the jury

The reasons given by the jury and which were read out by Sveinung Rotevatn:

"The winner's vision is to replace the use of fossil fuels through renewable innovations and simplify everyday life for people around the world.

The company's basic philosophy is the design of an electric boat that is multifunctional and has a long life. They do this through the idea of ​​producing environmentally friendly solar-powered boats in aluminum.

The company combines innovation in the boat industry with innovation in web / app technology.

The company wants to establish itself in a niche in a huge, global market.

The company is working on building the first real boat, after testing a prototype for two years. The boat can be built and used all over the world and uses only the sun as an energy source.

Gründer is genuinely concerned with improving the climate for the benefit of us all and for future generations, and is concerned that the solution should not only be available to the Western world.

He works specifically to ensure that people and companies in developing countries have the opportunity to acquire this type of product.

The candidate has developed a new concept for climate-neutral transport at sea. Empty batteries at sea can be a problem.

Freepower Solar Boat is powered by solar energy. A mobile app monitors the operation. The technology has a large market potential even in countries with poor infrastructure and high fuel costs.

This makes the product a very sustainable product."


Thank you very much for a great initiative of the Electric Boat Conference in arranging such an entrepreneur award in electric boat technology. This helps to put the spotlight on having a more sustainable boating life in the future and thereby contribute to reaching the goal of 1.5 degrees by 2030.

🚤 ♻️ 🌱

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