Project run

We run the project by Lean Startup principles.The first prototype is done and tested. We are now working on the MVP that will be tested as soon it is ready.

Project timeline

Below you find a preliminary timeline for the project to release the electric boat Freepower® Solar Boat to market. Note that changes may occur.

User centered design

The development of the electric boat Freepower Solar Boat is run after Lean Startup principles. In short that means that we build a prototype, test it on actual users and learn by their feedback on their experiences on what to change.


The result is a boat useful for the user that manage to solve their challenges when they need to travel by sea - either for leisure or for make a living.

Photos, videos and sketches

A selection of photos, videos and sketches of the prorotype and MVP of the electric boat Freepower Solar Boat.

Martin together with Annelie Pompe testing Freepower® prototype outside Stora Oset beacon in Öckerö, Sweden. 

Photographer: Paul Hultsbo

David's bachelor thesis

During 4 months in 2019 the student David Ahlbäck, who study energy engineering at Högskolan I Halmstad, performed his bachelor thesis on the Freepower® project with the Swedish title “Konceptanalys och driftfallsoptimering av Freepower solar boat” (English: Concept analysis and operational case optimization of Freepower solar boat).


His main focus were technical optimization and usability from an end user perspective. The approach used was to try to determine how to maximize the availability of the system in regards to battery charge level over the whole year at the same time as maximizing distance and boat speed per day.


Interested in the result? The full report can be downloaded by link below.

Martin together with David Ahlbäck who did his bachelor thesis on Freepower®  power harvest & use setup in nordic marine enviroment