Technology and performance 

The boat is equipped with either a 3kW electric outboard from ePropulsion or a 3-4 kW electric 360-degree azimuth pod from SeaDrive. 

Our self-developed batteries have an output of 4.5 - 18 kWh. The solar panels are monochrome flex panels from Sunfield New Energy. Together they have a capacity of 1kW. 


The system is delivered standard with a battery that provides 1.5h (10NM) range at full speed (7kn) without charging from the solar panels (night time). At cruising speed (5.5kn) the range is 3h (16NM), still without help from the solar panels. If you need a longer range, it is possible to connect up to four batteries in parallel. 


Freepowers lithium-ion battery is of the lithium-iron-phosphate type. The battery has a rated voltage of 48V and a capacity of 90Ah. The BMS communicates with CAN-bus and NMEA2000 protocol for fail safe internal data communication. The battery also communicates via BT4.2. 

SeaDrive POD

SeaDrive develops and produces the driveline which consists of 360-degree azimuth POD with electronic control. The POD provides precise steering and you can steer the boat with either a steering wheel or joystick as an option.