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feel free at sea

We believe in a world without harmful pollution, so we designed a electric boat totally self-sufficient by solar energy – and named it Freepower®



Work at sea with this versatile utility boat


Enjoy the fun at sea with family and friends



Find your inner peace at sea



The autonomous idea

The autonomous idea is about freedom. Freedom to go whenever and wherever without fuel stops that creates unwanted detours. Freedom to harvest the energy around us!

The electric boat Freepower gets its energy from the sun and charges itself by just being outdoor! The autonomous electrical system takes care of the charging on its own so you can enjoy the ride instead of thinking about energy, power and charging. In other words, no need to get power from the grid on land.


To be independent of charging infrastructure, we think is real freedom! 

Skjermbilde 2022-08-28 kl. 22.25_edited.jpg
Skjermbilde 2022-08-28 kl. 22.27_edited.png

For Scandinavian conditions

Norway can offer fantastic experiences in boats with their 100,000 km long coastline and vibrant and rich coastal culture. Not to mention all the lakes and rivers! Did you know that soon the number of leisure boats in Norway will be 1 million boats? No other country in the world has as that many leisure boats in relation to population as Norway, according to the Boating Survey 2018.

Freepower will meet this market with a boat designed for Scandinavian conditions that suits well in the archipelago, in environment protected areas and isolated regions.

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