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Our privacy and cookie policy

Freepower strives not to use more personal data than necessary. To provide a good user experience, Freepower needs to collect some personal information. This privacy policy describes what personal information Freepower uses and how it is stored securely.


Processing of personal data

Freepower never collects or stores personal information without the visitor's consent. It is voluntary for anyone who visits the website and provide personal information in connection with services eg. to receive newsletters.

Freepower manages the website itself and is responsible for all development and management of the information. We use Wix as a website provider for  All information and personal information collected on the website is stored on the web site provider's server. Only Freepower and Wix have access to the information stored on the server.


Web traffic analytics

We use Visitor Analytics on our website to generate unidentified statistics that help us improve the website to make it more user-friendly. Information collected is e.g. how many people visit the different pages, how long the visit lasts and what web browser is used. Freepower cannot trace the information back to the individual user. The information collected by this tool is never disclosed to other players.



When you visit, information about your visit is recorded via a so-called cookie. A cookie is a small file stored in your web browser that contains information about our website eg. when you last visited our site or data you entered in a form with us. The file is not malicious and contains no viruses. The information collected on will never, under any circumstances, be shared or sold to others. We use this information to analyze user patterns in Wix Visitor Anaytics. Also, the information in a cookie cannot identify you as a person.


Newsletter and communication with customers

Freepower sends out newsletters via e-mail. In order for us to send e-mail, you must enter an e-mail address. The email address is stored on a separate folder on DropBox which Freepower uses as a secure database. The email address is not shared with others and is deleted when you cancel your subscription. Freepower uses Wix to send out newsletters.


To sign up for an interest list for purchases, you must enter your name and email address in order for us to contact you regarding the product. We also use the information about the total number of interested parties in the list to keep statistics on market interest. The personal data in the list is never shared with others. The list is stored on a separate folder on DropBox which Freepower uses as a secure database.


When purchasing Freepower products from our website, we store personal information needed for invoicing and accounting in our accounting system. Freepower uses Visma eEconomy as an accounting system. Only Freepower and Visma have access to the personal data. Contact information for our customers is stored in our customer log which is stored on a separate folder on DropBox which Freepower uses as a secure database.


We refer to the Marketing Act §15 and communicate via e-mail about services we have previously delivered.


Market Research

Freepower sometimes conducts market research to develop products that meet market needs. Freepower conducts the investigations internally. We will always inform about the purpose of the survey and whether it is anonymous or not. The information in the surveys will not be used or shared in any way other than that specified in the survey.

In anonymous surveys, no personal data is collected that can be linked to you. In identifiable surveys, Freepower can identify those who have answered the survey.


E-mail and telephone

Freepower uses e-mail and telephone in daily work. We do not record any calls but the last calls are visible on the phone. We alert you that regular email is unencrypted.



Everyone who asks is entitled to basic information about the processing of personal data in an enterprise in accordance with §18 (1) of the Personal Data Act. Freepower has provided this information in this statement and will refer to it in case of any requests. Those registered in one of Freepower's systems have the right to access their own information. He / she also has the right to request that incorrect, incomplete or information Freepower does not have access to process is corrected, deleted or supplemented.

Inquiries about personal data in Freepower can be directed to

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