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Dashboard control in an app

Instead of traditional meters, monitoring of all systems are done by an app for tablets and phones.

It’s simple to control the boat; the driver only needs to focus on steering wheel, throttle and the app. The app shows all needed information to driver in real-time. This gives the user freedom to do other things - like enjoy the ride?

To help user drive economic the app has an Ecobalance view where user can adjust throttle to follow net zero battery usage.

In future release it will be integrated in sea chart with possibility to compute the trip.


The app has different modes depending on user profile e.g. possibility to pay-to-use suitable for rental business models. 


The system control app monitor battery status. It gets information about incoming charging power from solar panels and consumed power to the electric outboard engine. By overlay these parameters the app compute net balance in battery. This is shown in Ecobalance view and help user to drive with minimal energy consumption. 

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