Design on Freepower Model 1

Freepower® Design made by Pivot Industridesign. Photo: Askeland Studio


Self-sufficient in clean solar energy 

The electric boat Freepower is self-sufficient with energy from the sun. Photovoltaic panels are clean, silent, reliable and works without moving parts. They provide 100% CO2-free operation throughout the life of the boat.


Producing your own energy from the sunroof does not just mean that it is free to drive Freepower. At the same time, this means that the need for battery capacity decreases, which in turn results in lower weight. Lower weight means less energy consumption which in turn gives longer range. 

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Energy-optimized design

  • The hull's hydrodynamic profile is energy optimized for electric operation and displacement speed.

  • The batteries are placed in the long keel, which provides good stability and stable battery temperature.

  • We have designed the bathing platform so that you can screw equipment such as sonar etc. under the platform instead of in the hull itself.

  • There are no hull penetrations below the waterline that make the boat robust and durable. In this way, the hull is kept intact throughout its life.


This makes the hull shape fully developed and maximizes service life. 



Model 1

  • Cruising speed 5 kn / maximum speed 7 kn

  • Range without sun 15-60 NM / 3-12 hours at cruising speed 5 kn (1-4 batteries)

  • Battery capacity 4.5 kW - 18 kW (1-4 batteries)

  • The solar cells' charging power 1.3 kW (nominal)

  • Motor is SeaDrive 360 degrees azimut pod on 3 kW

  • The boat's length 6.7 m | Width 2.5 m | Height 2.5 m | Weight 1100 kg

  • Hull 100% aluminium

  • Battery 80% recyclable, lithium iron phosphate type (LFP)

  • CE class "C", max. 6 people

  • Estimated price NOK 850,000 incl. VAT


Timeless look and design

Freepower has an iconic, timeless but classic Nordic expression. The idea is that the visual expression lasts throughout the technical life so that appearance does not become the weak link that makes you want to recycle the boat prematurely. 


The power train in Freepower

The solar panels are monochrome flex panels from Sunfield New Energy. Together they have a capacity of 1,3 kW (nominal). 

Our self-developed batteries have an output of 4.5 kW -18 kW (1-4 batteries). It is a lithium-iron-phosphate type (LFP). The battery has a rated voltage of 48V and a capacity of 90Ah. The BMS communicates with CAN-bus and NMEA2000 protocol for fail safe internal data communication.  

SeaDrive develops and produces the driveline which consists of 360-degree azimuth POD with electronic control. The POD provides precise steering and you can steer the boat with either a steering wheel or joystick as an option.

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Functional design for the user

It should be easy to own and run Freepower. The autonomous charging system takes care of the charging for you so you can enjoy the ride instead.



The Freepower app automatically calculates range based on weather data and current speed so you have control. Avoid range anxiety with the "Ecobalance meter" where you can balance energy consumption with speed so that you consume net zero from the battery. The app always shows status whether you are in the boat or at home so you can be safe.The app has features that are suitable for circular economy services such as rentals and boat pools. Read more about Freepower app here



The interior is mounted on rails that make the boat modular and multifunctional. The layout is easily changed as needed. This also means that the boat can be used in a completely different way than previous owners when changing owners, e.g. from leisure boat to fishing or taxi boat. 


The center console provides high stability and good access. High topsides, stairs in the bow and grab rail around the entire sunroof create security.

Freepower has power for fridge/freezer so you can have fresh food and drink all day.


The thick fender strip around the boat reduces the need for fenders. 

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