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App further developed by this year's summer students at Bouvet

6 weeks of intense work of further development on the Freepower app gave us a brand new app with a new design and many new features. A fantastic effort from the summer students!

In the picture: 4th year students who participated in the project with the app for Freepower: Edvard Unsvåg, Olav Håberg Dimmen, Silje Anfindsen and Ingeborg Storesund Nes.

Bjurtech participated as one of 6 customers that Bouvet chose to run a summer project with this year's 49 summer students. Our project was so lucky to bring with us 4th year students Edvard Unsvåg (UiO), Olav Håberg Dimmen (NTNU), Silje Anfindsen (NTNU) and Ingeborg Storesund Nes (UiO).

The students have worked in interdisciplinary groups throughout the summer with real and socially beneficial projects for Bouvet's customers, closely followed by experienced Bouvet members.

"It has been important for us that our summer students are allowed to take part in real and socially beneficial projects. Our vision is that we must take the lead and build the society of the future. We do this best by sharing our expertise in value-creating projects for our customers and partners. We have therefore set up a scheme so that all the groups will be able to work on interesting and useful customer projects, which they will hopefully learn a lot from and at the same time generate value for our customers".

- says Bouvet

Freepower App, MVP

Developing the Freepower App

And their work has really generated value for Bjurtech! We now have our first MVP of the Freepower app which we consider absolutely contributes to socially beneficial technology by giving the user great utility value and easier to drive an electric boat on solar energy. It must be experienced as safe and secure to drive an electric boat at the same time as it must be easy to drive most energy-efficiently. We call it running in "Ecobalance mode" when energy out is the same as energy in. The boat is in balance in its own ecosystem, you could say.

Pictures from the students during the project. Among other things, they got to test drive Freepower on their "Field trip". All photos: Silje Anfindsen.

The students have developed the app in Flutter and arranged a usability test with real users through our pilot customer GreenBoats who is based at Aker Brygge, as well as other relevant users who were recruited on the pier.

Now we look forward to taking the App further in the project and putting it into production when the time comes.

Martin and Isabel thank the students for a great effort and Bouvet for a very nice program for our project during this summer weeks. 🙌☀️🌱♻️

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