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Freepower sails on - with a new captain on board

It was with a heavy heart Martin Bjurmalm announced the petition for bankruptcy of Freepower AS in September. Left alone drifting at sea, Freepower was rescued by a local entrepreneur who took the helm and got her safety into port. We are happy that Freepower's adventure can continue, now with Arne Magnus Berge as owner.

From left, Eeva Ropponen, Arne Magnus Berge, Martin Bjurmalm. Photo: Færder municipality.

Martin, founder of Freepower, describes it as the most difficult decision he has had to make, but that he unfortunately saw no other way out than to tender Freepower AS as the situation turned out. Martin deeply apologizes to all of you who have believed in the idea, in Freepower AS and to him as the founder, that you have now not received a reward for your invested capital and commitment.

7 years have passed since Martin started the journey of realizing the idea of Freepower, where lot of energy and all his free time have gone into it. The family have been involved and those closest to him contributed with support from the sideline. Freepower was not just a job for Martin, but a life calling.

During these 7 years, we have been lucky to have very talented supporters with us. They believed in us and shared the same strong motivation and desire to contribute to the green transistion. We have received a lot of good advice, financial support, tips and services from you. Without you, we would not have come this far, thank you.

We would also like to thank all our shareholders for their trust and investment in us, - you have played a important part in helping the technology to move forward and helped us to put the spotlight on a sustainable boating life.

Thank you all very much! 💚

7 years with Freepower - a look back:

Photos from Venice: Oliver Astrologo. Other photos: Askeland Studio, Palle Hultsbo, Freepower. Boat illustrations: Pivot Industrial design.

Freepower sails on

When the bankruptcy became a reality, we hoped that our concept idea for Freepower, our technology and our spotlight on sustainable boating could be an inspiration for others' initiatives in the development of climate-neutral vessels. If Freepower wasn't allowed to sail on then. Fortunately, she got it. 

For Freepower was saved, and her rescuer was none other than a local entrepreneur from the islands, Arne Magnus Berge, the creator behind the Folkeladeren, and also known as an enthusiast of the Red Cross boat in the Nøtterøy archipelago.

Martin was happy that it was Arne who found Freepower drifting, who took the helm and got her safely into port. Arne Magnus is a man of the sea and also committed to electrifying boating, same as Martin. A unique change of ownership of Freepower that ended well.

We wish Arne Magnus and his team the best of luck in the future with Freepower!

Feel free at see Arne Magnus & Freepower

Regards, Martin and Isabel Bjurmalm

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