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Nominate us for the Entrepreneur Award 2021 in electric boat technology

The electric boat conference "Elbåtkonferansen" in Vollen Marina in Asker kicks off on 27 August 2021, where the Entrepreneur of the Year in new innovative solutions in the electric boat industry will be chosen. This year's Entrepreneur Award is presented by Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn. We hope that Freepower can reach far in this competition, - maybe all the way to the finish line ...? 🤞

Nominate us for the competition today, the deadline is August 1.

If you have faith in us and believe in the idea of Freepower, you have the chance NOW to help us one step further in our work to realize Freepower.

We are very grateful if you fill out their nomination form, it means a lot to us!

Information you need to fill in the form is:

Name of candidate (Kandidatens navn): Martin Bjurmalm

E-mail (Epost):

Company name (Bedrift/selskapsnavn): Bjurtech AS

Org.number (Organisasjonsnummer): 824 352 232

Company website (Bedriftens nettside):

Reason for nomination (Begrunnelse): Your own text here...

In advance, thank you very much!💚

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