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The campaign is fully booked!

Yes! We have reached our top goal of 3.66 million in the crowdfunding campaign! Welcome on board to all of our 181 new investors, now our adventurous journey together, can begin.

Already 2 hours after the opening for drawing shares, we had reached our minimum goal of 2.5 million. We became very exited and where thinking "yes, this can go our way, there are many people who have the same thoughts about a sustainable boating life, and they like the idea of Freepower".

But the interest did not stop there. Gradually, more investors came on board, small and large, known and unknown (for us). More people wanted to join, more people had been convinced that this was a good idea for an important cause.

Today, early in the morning on the way to a meeting with SeaDrive, Martin checked the campagin status on the "Live" display of the share drawings, it showed 3.66 million! Yes! We're done it! After 5 years of entrepreneurship, we have finally reached one of our first major sub-goals; get the financial opportunity to build the first pilot boat and start commercial production of the boat.

Many thanks 💚 to each and every one of your 181 investors who have seen the potential in Freepower, who have faith in us, and who have joined us on board to reach a more sustainable boating life.
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